Looking at a woman to lust after her means adultery and sin? Matt. 5:28

It is not possible to commit adultery unless you're married If a man looks at a woman with the precise aim "to lust after her", it is a sin according to the teaching of Jesus Christ. However, Jesus does not say that it is a sin to simply look at a woman and find her attractive. The sin in question … INDICODE JEANS WILLIAM - Cargobyxor - raven Herrkläder
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Evangelist Torben Søndergaard flees Denmark due to religious persecution

Persecution against Christians is getting worse also in the West See Youtube film below.  Atheists and agnostics tend to not believe the Bible, and particularly not when it says that Christians are supposed to be eager (1 Cor. 12:31) to get the gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as speaking in … IZOD Piké - hunny suckle Herrkläder
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Faith without works can save? On the quest to find Bible support for the idea that we can be saved without works, it is not uncommon to make a comparison with the thief on the cross. The saying goes: He did not do any work, and since he could be saved without works, then so can we! But is this so … Läs mer
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Bibelverser som talar om en geocentrisk värld  "Har Gud verkligen sagt:  — ?” (Satans kommentar i 1 Mos. 3:1) Kan vi verkligen lita på det Gud sagt i Bibeln vad gäller skapelseberättelsen och beskrivningen av jord och himmel, eller gör vi mer rätt om vi justerar och moderniserar … J.LINDEBERG KV TX - Funktionströja - vit Herrkläder